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The Feels poster

The Feels

The comedy melodrama "The Feels" begins at a time when Andy and Lou decide to brace themselves with the bonds of marriage. They have long met and sincerely love each other. They are confident in their feelings, so exactly want to make this move. However, before the ceremony, lovers plan to arrange a bachelorette party for the closest friends.

After a while, the girls gather in a small house, located in the midst of a picturesque natural terrain. Only the closest people gather here, so the party promises to be interesting. At first everything goes great, but in the midst of the celebration Lou suddenly states that she has never experienced an orgasm in her life. This news is a real shock to those who are here today. But most of all it hits Andy. Girls are starting to discuss the problem. But the more time they spend the discussion, the more secrets pops up on the surface. No one knows what's going to end this evening. The wedding itself is in doubt.

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